Scientists study the world as it is, engineers create the world that never has been.   Theodore von Karman

Established in 1999, Techo initially specialised in delivering turn-key process engineering projects to the dairy industry in the North Island. As the company has grown our areas of expertise have also increased and we now deliver turn-key solutions across projects as varied as specialised hygiene manufacturing processes, through to wastewater treatment plants and everything in between throughout New Zealand.

Techo's approach to turn-key project delivery encompasses conception, design, installation, commissioning, training and handover of a fully operational solution. This takes the "pain" out of project implementation for our clients, allowing them to focus on what needs to be built, rather than having to focus on the nuts and bolts of the actual solution.

The majority of the projects Techo deliver are time critical; delays can easily cost clients millions of dollars. Techo takes pride in the fact that we have established a reputation for delivering projects to an extremely high standard, on time, every time.

Techo is committed to utilising the best resources for every project that we work on. Our established network of relationships, both locally and internationally, means that Techo is able to use the best equipment and call on the best people, ensuring consistency in project quality and timeliness.

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Areas of Expertise

Techo specialises in delivering five key project categories, as follows. The requirements and challenges of each category span both the public and private sectors, allowing Techo to leverage our extensive experience and provide clients with the best solution possible, regardless of the sector they operate in.

Techo has a long history of designing, constructing and commissioning hygienic processes. Most of our engineers have a background in hygienic process operation or improvement. This is the heart of our business. Techo does not hold agencies for any particular processing equipment, valves or pumps which means that we can select the best equipment that is most suited to the requirements of any given project.

With hygienic process comes CIP (Clean in Place) requirements. Techo have be installing and optimising CIP systems since the company started. CIP systems generally involve concentrated chemicals (see HSNO below) and steam heating, both of which are well within our capabilities. How do you prove to your clients that your process equipment is being cleaned effectively? Ask us and we will show you.

Water filtration, storage, pumping and control, along with chemical dosing are all part of the projects that Techo delivers every day. Water recycling is becoming increasingly important and will continue to be so. Techo can deliver water treatment and management solutions designed to meet your specific requirements.

With industry comes wastewater. With our partners and clients Techo has measured it, tested it, treated it, stored it, irrigated it, and concentrated the solids. Techo can optimise your existing process, develop solutions that will produce energy from your waste, help you meet compliance obligations or any other requirements you have around wastewater.

Industry requires chemicals. Techo has designed and installed certified systems for loading in, storing, pumping and dosing concentrated or dilute chemicals. Whether it is Stationary Tanks or Process Containers, Techo has done it. This experience allows us to deliver solutions that will meet or exceed all of your process, regulatory and safety requirements.


Successfully delivering projects can be a hugely complex undertaking, irrespective of the size of the job itself. The vast majority of the work that we do is repeat/referral business from existing clients. Achieving consistently high client satisfaction levels is due in no small part to the range of skills that Techo brings to the table to ensure every project is managed in a professional manner and meets or exceeds client expectations. At the core of these skills are:

The Techo Team

Frank, Warren and Chris lead the Techo team. The nature of the projects we work on means staff are often spread throughout the country. Despite this Techo's leadership have managed to build and maintain a team of like minded professionals who enjoy working with each other and doing what they do and more importantly, doing it well.

Frank Wallwork

Frank Wallwork

Director / Engineer

I started as a Technical Officer in the dairy industry in 1993 after doing a degree in Chemical Engineering. I really wanted to work in an industry that is the backbone of industry in New Zealand. After working for a dairy cooperative for 5 years I decided to move into process engineering and project management as a contractor. This evolved into the founding of Techo Ltd as a vehicle to deliver the best turnkey dairy projects for clients.

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Warren Boyes


I'm a Process Engineer and Project Engineer and one of the Leaders at Techo Ltd. I received my honours degree in Chemical and Process Engineering from the University of Canterbury back in early 1999. I joined Techo Ltd in 2002 after several process optimisation, product development and operations roles within Fonterra and one of its precursors, Anchor Products.
What I love about Techo is our focus on quality engineering and quality projects and, with our wide array of skills, no two days are the same.

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Chris Hilton

Chris Hilton


I completed my NZCE Mechanical / with control systems in the 80's and then spent several years with Nu-Con building and commissioning projects around the world, including 1 year in the USA. I specialised in automation projects from the mid 90's to mid 00's, working on Dryer 5 Te Rapa, Dryer 2 Clandyboye and Lichfield Whey plant for Fonterra plus the Heinz Watties kitchens. I became a partner in Techo Ltd in 2007.

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