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Skim milk permeate harvesting

Techo Input:
Process Engineering/Project Management on a turnkey basis

Install permeate silos, new valve manifolds and pumps to cope with higher milk permeate volumes. Project manage the installation of an RO plant for milk permeate concentration. Engineer services requirements for the RO plant.

The existing permeate manifold was not installed in a layout which reduced dead-legs and allowed easy maintenance. Space for the silos also required that the other pieces of plant had to be relocated. A tight time frame would mean that some of the plant would have to be running before the silos were delivered. An RO plant supplied by Tetra Pak NZ Ltd had to be installed into an existing evaporator hall. Services and reallocated product storage were required to be prepared in conjunction with the RO plant.

Techo immediately booked workshop space for the silos, realising the tight timeframe and the demands of other dairy companies. To maximise the amount of work in the required time, the project was divided into a number of areas that were assigned to local, competent contractors. Plant was prioritised to be completed in time to match Kiwi production plans.

Client requirements achieved on time and within budget.

Before - 2 silos, disorganised manifolds

After - 4 silos, organised manifolds


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