Techo Ltd projects to date have involved mainly retrofitting to existing installations. Our expertise lies in process and mechanical design work with close liason with the client

Project Case Studies

Other Projects

  • Anchor Products Tirau Whey separator sludge pumping
  • Anchor Ethanol CIP audit
  • Anchor Products Reporoa Pasteurisation upgrade tender preparation
  • Anchor Products Te Rapa Evaporator automation work
  • Anchor Reporoa Process review
  • Kiwi Cooperative Dairies Cheese 1B pasteuriser
  • Kiwi Cooperative Dairies Treated cream manifold extension
  • Kiwi Cooperative Dairies Whey permeate load-out

Other experiences as contractors

  • Anchor Products Edendale - Permeate Harvesting, 2000 Project engineering & management, function description writing UF plant

  • Anchor Products Te Rapa - Powder 5 Project, 1999 Project management, plant procurement, function description writing for evaporators

  • Anchor Products Hautapu - Protein Standardisation, 1999 Project management, function description writing and commissioning of UF protein standardisation system

  • Anchor Products Edendale - Evaporator Upgrade, 1999 Project management, function description writing, and commissioning of evaporators

  • Anchor Products Hautapu - SCUF project, 1998 Detailed process design, project management, and commissioning of specialised milk protein products plant.

  • Kiwi Cooperative Dairies - WPC 2 Upgrade, 1997 Project Management and commissioning of $40 million upgrade to existing WPC plant.

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