Design Tools

Piping and Instrument Diagram (P&ID)

Process plant can be detailed in P&ID's using Autocad 2000. Extraction of equipment details to databases can be provided if required. These pictures are 2D.

Mechanical fabrication drawings

Unique items of equipment or equipment layouts can be detailed on drawings that can then be used by others for fabrication.

Project Databases

Details of equipment size, type, cost, automation, electrical and mechanical requirements are all included in databases. All databases are in an easy to understand format that can be quickly modified.

Equipment Databases

Techo has developed a database of standard equipment we use frequently in projects. Information from these databases can be used to provide quick and accurate budget costs.

Isometric Piping diagrams

Piping and equipment layouts can be shown in 3D if required. These drawings can be used for fabrication of spools.

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