Project Type: HSNO

Bulk Chemicals

The client had a non-compliant chemical tank farm that supplied their key central processing area. This had to be decommissioned and removed but only after the new system was installed, commissioned and tested. The new system comprised of a new 29m3 bulk caustic tank in a recently installed tank farm and drawing out bulk Nitric Acid and Sodium Hypochlorite tanks, with a 200m run along a pipe-bridge.

Other aspects to the job included the design and installation of:

  • A Sodium Hypochlorite dilution system;
  • An IBC (1,000L) chemical dosing systems for difficult to handle cleaning chemicals;
  • A secure safety shower ring main network for 12 showers in the factory.

Project Value: $1.3 Million

Duration: 12 Months

Project Type: Fixed Price (mechanical, electrical, automation and commissioning). Health & Safety managed under the client's Safe Work System

Consultant: N/A

Construction man hours: 9,000

Key Points:

  • Scope included installing chemical tanks;
  • All pumps and piping;
  • 600m chemical pipework for three chemicals;
  • and sanitiser dilution system


  Delivered safely

  Delivered in budget

  Delivered on time

  Established new standard for IBC chemicals