Project Type: HSNO, CIP, Hygienic

Hygienic Process

There were a number of major concerns with an existing vat and the manual systems used to operate and clean it.

Product supply security was a key issue. The existing vat had failed a number of times over the last few years and the client was unable to assess whether or not it could be repaired if it failed again.

Safety; Manual handling of concentrated cleaning chemicals and the manual operation of filters containing hot cheese (95 deg.C) had caused burns to operators in the past.

CIP & Hygienic; The manual system didn't clean the plant well. It utilised very complicated cleaning circuits which were not well thought out, resulting in dirty plant.

Project Value: $2 Million

Duration: 12 Months

Project Type: Turn-key, Brown field, Health & Safety managed under the client's Safe Work System

Consultant: N/A

Construction man hours: 3,000

Key Points:

  • Replacement of cheese vat
  • Renovation of room
  • Allowance for second vat in future
  • Automated CIP process
  • HSNO compliance
  • PLC


  A safe and reliable, clean plant which requires minimal operator input.