Project Type: Hygienic

Large Scale Hygienic Processing

Our client had to significantly increase their milk pasteurisation and separation capacity. A new system would allow the site to process more milk while at the same time building in operational flexibility.

The solution involved the turnkey supply and installation of; a plate heat exchanger (PHE) pasteurizer (60,000 L/h milk), a cream PHE chiller (7,500 L/h at 45%), a disk bowl separator (60,000 L/h milk), significant hygienic valve manifolds, pumps, instruments, piping and chemical dosing equipment.

Installation involved the demolition and removal of existing equipment in a hygienic operational plant to allow for space for the new plant.

The system was installed on a very tight timeline to cope with an impeding "super flush" milk season.

Project Value: $2.5 Million

Duration: 4 Months

Project Type: Turn-Key (management, equipment, installation, electrical and automation) managed under Techo's Safe Work System

Construction man hours: 4,000

Key Points:

  • 60,000 L/h milk processing pasteuriser unit
  • Installation in a very short time-frame
  • AsureQuality certification achieved in a very short time frame


  A great plant that operators use as their guaranteed processing option

  Delivered on time and within budget