Techo's team of engineers have many years of experience in delivering process solutions, from complex manufacturing processes through to simple, yet critical processes, many of which are required to operate 24/7, 365 days a year. This experience and knowledge has been gained through working both locally and internationally and is being continually developed as we work with leading suppliers of solutions worldwide. Techo is able to provide clients with contemporary solutions, utilising the equipment and processes best suited to meet the requirements of each given project.

At Techo we work closely with clients from the outset of a project. We encourage discussion around proposed designs in order develop the best solution possible. Our goal is to "engineer out" all potential issues at the design stage and deliver a solution that our client can be proud of. We also place a high degree of importance on Total Cost of Ownership and designing solutions which can be both constructed safely and operated and maintained safely throughout their operational life.

Commissioning plays a critical role in ensuring a project delivers on the promise of the outcomes established at the design stage. Techo develops a project specific commissioning plan for every project we work on to ensure the goals of the project are achieved and quality targets are met.

Techo has developed project management systems to efficiently deliver complex client requirements. Our systems are proven across a wide range of process engineering projects.

Techo's project management systems are built into each tender or quotation requested by clients. These systems include:

Techo focuses on a collaborative approach with our clients. We believe that an early involvement and engagement ensures that each project meets and exceeds the client's requirements.

Techo designs all new projects with efficiency in mind but there are also massive gains to be made through retrofitting existing processes that were not designed to maximise resource use. Clients regularly call Techo in to develop solutions that will increase the efficiency of existing processes through improved process flow (achieved via mechanical and/or software means) and the re-use of heat, chemicals and wastewater.

Increased efficiency can also help clients resolve critical issues that can develop as a result of business growth, e.g. the limitations of the site footprint and the restrictions of existing Resource Consents, e.g. water usage and discharge.

Additional benefits of process optimisation often include improvements in operator safety and HSNO compliance. Techo recently optimised a cheese making process which utilised a manual cleaning process that had resulted in several operators sustaining burns. An automated CIP (Clean In Place) process was implemented as part of the process optimisation solution, resulting in improved operator safety and achieving HSNO compliance. See Project Portfolio for more information.

Optimising processes which are repeated thousands of times per year is a simple and cost effective way to increase profitability. Give Techo a call to discuss your new or existing processes and how they could be optimised.

Effective HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment & Quality) Management is at the heart of all of Techo's activities. We are committed to maintaining a safe workplace while delivering projects that meet the highest levels of environmental and quality standards, without compromising the health of our staff and the contractors that work for us. Demonstrating and encouraging a positive attitude towards health & safety is a key part of the way we work. We strive to achieve continuous development, review and improvement of all of our HSEQ systems and the way in which we implement them on a daily basis.

Techo are PREQUAL qualified and as such have the capability to manage construction areas using Techo's Permit to Work System, a system which was developed in conjunction with Fonterra. This allows us to manage all aspects of work, including the issuing of Permit's to carry out high risk tasks. In order to ensure the safety of all personnel on site all contractors working for Techo are pre-qualified. This process involves a comprehensive assessment and review of their Health & Safety systems and record. The performance of every contractor is also continually assessed and reported on internally. This process has allowed Techo to develop a strong network of professionals who take HSEQ as seriously as we do.

During the course of a project Techo provide clients with a range of regular audits so that they can be assured of the effective management of all HSEQ related areas. In addition, clients also have access to a live project dashboard which keeps them up to date with project related KPI's appropriate to the project being delivered.

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