Project Type: Equipment Installation

Equipment Installation

Techo were engaged by, and worked with, TEG Projects to manage the relocation and upgrade of the Doritos line as part of the PepsiCo/Bluebird Foods project to switch to canola oil for the production of products including Rashuns, Twisties, Burger Rings and Doritos

Moving an operational line presented a number of challenges, including establishing the isolations required to ensure equipment could be moved safely but without causing any disruption to production in other areas of the factory. The relocation of large, heavy equipment during a short shut meant the work had to be meticulously planned.

Working closely with 3rd party contractors employed to carry out other aspects of the project was also critical to the success of this project.

A range of upgrades were also carried out, including the manufacture and installation of new platforms to comply with seismic regulations, several new tanks, installation of a new fryer and various alterations which will provide future gains in the production and packaging operations.

Project Value: $1.5 Million

Duration: 3 Months

Project Type: Turn-key, Health & Safety managed under Pepsico's Permit to Work System

Consultant: TEG (prepared budget & scope for client)

Key Points:

  • Systematic identification of all isolations required (information that was not available on plans)
  • Relocation and installation of an end to end manufacturing line within an exremely tight shut window
  • Relocation of three large rooftop extraction flues (a helicopter lift was investigated then disregarded)
  • Installation of several new platforms along with additional corn soak kettles
  • Modification of existing conveyor belts and other manufacturing line equipment
  • Tieing in of all equipment ready for commissioning


  Succesful management and delivery of a project which could easily have "gotten away" from a less experienced team.